Restaurant Review – Oak Park Brewing Company (Sacramento, CA)

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Restaurant Review Oak Park Brewing Company (Sacramento, CA)


Oak Park Brewing Company

September 28, 2017

Oak Park Brewing Company
3514 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95817
(916) 660-2723



Oak Park Brewing Company is more than just a brewery, they also offer a full service restaurant. Their goal to offer local, seasonal, and sustainable foods while using their beers and brewers grains in their recipes.


Menu item selected:


Oak Park Steam Engine NE IPA                                                                            $6.00

This is a stylized northeast hazy IPA fermented
with a special Vermont yeast blend. ‘Dry hopped’ during primary
fermentation, but with a sweet malty body, this is a juicy and
refreshing IPA.
ABV 6.7%, IBU 45.

Oak Park Brewing Company   Oak Park Brewing Company

Porter Fries                                                                                                                $8.00 

pitbull porter gravy, pulled pork, pepper jack cheese,
smoked sea salt, and chives

Oak Park Brewing Company

Cubano                                                                                                                      $13.00

Pulled pork, OP smoked Tasso ham, Swiss cheese, pickles,
and mustard on sourdough

Oak Park Brewing Company



I was in Sacramento for the International Food Blogger Conference and stopped in Oak Park Brewing Company to grab a beer and a quick bite to eat before meeting up with my fellow food bloggers for a pre-conference excursion.

For the beer ordered the Oak Park Steam Engine NE IPA, it wasn’t too hoppy and was easy to drink with a clean finish. For the food I ordered the Cubano sandwich and an order of Porter Fries because they sounded amazing. The server said that the Cubano came with fries she could have them made into the Porter Fries and the upcharge was only $2.00.   The Cubano was good, the pulled pork and smoked Tasso ham were both full of flavor but the Porter Fries were the star of the show. Oak Park used their Pitbull English Brown Porter to make the gravy and it is absolutely amazing. The fries are topped with pepper jack cheese and the same flavorful pull pork that they use on the Cubano then it is all topped with the amazing porter gravy. These fries are a must try.






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